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Web site last updated 20th November 2014.


The planning application to build 102 dwellings on "Land lying to the north of Brecks Lane" was decided by the City of York Council's Main Planning Committee on Thursday 20th February 2014 and the decision reached was that the application be approved. A request was received for details of the content of the scripts, presented by representatives of the community at the meeting, to be made available on this site and you may view these by clicking on the following the links -

Speaker 1   Speaker 2   Speaker 3   Speaker 4   Speaker 5   Speaker 6   Speaker 7

Arrangements have been made by the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, to call in the planning application. There will be an inquiry over up to 5 days commencing 14th October 2014 to be held in Strensall Village Hall. Evidence will be taken by a planning inspector to pass to the Secretary of State for his decision on the outcome of the application.

Evidence from City of York Council was taken by the Inspector, Zoe Hill, on Tuesday 14th October and statements were given by Julian Sturdy MP, Ward Councillor Paul Doughty and a number of residents. On Wednesday 15th October further evidence was given by Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners for the developer. This was followed by examination of the Highways Expert witness for the developer by a resident and concluded with examination of the Parish Council's consultant. Further submissions by members of the community were also given. On Thursday 16th October  the Parish Council representatives gave statements to the Inspector and discussions took place on the conditions and section 106 payments. The afternoon session was a site visit by the Inspector accompanied by representatives from the three parties. On Friday 17th October an independent witness gave evidence and a further statement was read on behalf of a resident. The Inquiry was adjourned at the end of the morning session and will re-commence on Thursday 6th November with an informal hearing where the Inspector will pose questions to representatives of City of York Council and the developer's agent about housing need and land supply details. The Inquiry is expected to conclude on Friday 7th November after the morning session when closing statements will be made by the three parties.


Please ensure you keep your possessions safe even now the lighter nights are here.


With effect from 1st October 2012 the administration of Strensall Cemetery will be dealt with by the Parish Clerk. Please click here for details. The layout of the Rules have been amended to make them simpler to read and were agreed by the Parish Council on 8th July 2014.

 To view the cemetery documents click the appropriate link below

Rules        Interment Application            Memorial Application


The Police Report for last month can be viewed by clicking on the Late News Item page.



Click here to find out more


The Final versions of the Strensall Village, Strensall Railway Buildings and Towthorpe Conservation Areas can now be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link Strensall Village , Strensall Railway Buildings , Towthorpe.


At the December 2010 meeting of the Parish Council it was agreed to implement a criteria for applications for grant funding. Details of the criteria and a copy of the application form can be found by clicking on the following links. Criteria or Application


Public access to the Parish Office is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.


For Information on Sports and Leisure activities visit about junior football and Strensall and Towthorpe Sports Association for Tennis and other activities.

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Strensall Village and the Hamlet of Towthorpe are located about six miles to the North of the City of York. They are in a semi-rural environment and are administered by the unitary authority of City of York Council. They have a total population of around 6500.

Strensall is referred to in the Doomsday book as Streonaeshalch, after Streona - a name, and halch - a corner of land. The land was owned by the Church and in particular the Bishops at York.

Towthorpe Hamlet was designated a conservation area by the Parish Council on 6th November 2001. It survives as a peaceful cluster of 19th Century, or earlier, brick farmhouses as well as more recently built properties. It includes Towthorpe Moat and Low Farmhouse which retains many original features.

The nearby Strensall Common is a National Nature reserve and a Sight of Special Scientific Interest. It is an example of a lowland heath land habitat and covers 500 hectares. Rare species of flora and fauna are to be found there including moths, flowers and ferns. To the south of the highway between Strensall and Flaxton the common is owned and exclusively used by the Ministry of Defence for military training. The public are welcome to use the facility but must not enter any Danger Area when the red flags are flying or red lights are exhibited.

Historically Towthorpe and Strensall were separate parishes but for many years they have been administered as one parish and are now  one parish called Strensall with Towthorpe.

Both Strensall and Towthorpe are pleasant and quiet places for families and the Parish Council is committed to working with the community to improve lives and amenities.

Ordnance Survey Maps still show the extent of the boundaries of each Parish. Strensall Parish consisted of the area roughly just south of the York to Scarborough Railway. Towthorpe Parish consisted of the area from Towthorpe crossroads almost to the York to Scarborough Railway. The single parish is represented by 14 Councillors.

If you wish to become involved in the process of local government at parish level or to contribute with ideas for further improvements then please contact the Parish Council at the contact address provided below.


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