Councillors & Duties

stensall village hall

Parish Clerk, office hours 9.30am -12.30pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the village hall.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month commencing at 6.30pm with the Planning Committee and followed at 7.15pm with the parish council. The fourth Tuesday at 6.30pm is a planning committee meeting at 6.30pm followed by the Neighbourhood Plan steering group at 7.15pm. All meetings welcome members of the parish. Please see our calendar of events page for meeting dates.

There are fourteen councillors:

Name Address Position Responsibilities
Tony Fisher 30 West End


Chairman Finance, Planning, playgrounds, Internal Control, Ward & YLCA Liaison
Chris Chambers 11 Netherwoods, Strensall Vice Chairman FIDB Representative, York Environment Forum Rep, Allotments, Village Hall Rep. Cemetery, R Wilkinson Trustee
Susan Nunn Councillor
Dennis Baxter 93 The Village, Strensall Councillor Seats, Litter Bins, War Memorial
Andrew Bolton Heathfield, Lords Moor Lane, Strensall Councillor Planning, Finance, Open Space, YLCA , Neighbourhood plan
John Chapman 2 Steadings Yard, Strensall Councillor Planning (Chair), Open Space Management, Strensall Common, conservation   N Plan
Helen Cox


9 Heath Ride


Councillor Planning, Cemetery

Data Protection Officer

Raymond Maher 1 Coulson Close, Strensall Councillor Planning, Christmas Trees/ Hanging Baskets   Finance Committee
Lawrence Mattinson 9 York Road, Strensall Councillor Planning, Highways, Health & Safety, salt bins
Kevin Ogilvy 37 Chatsworth Ave, Strensall Councillor Code of Conduct, Fund Raising, Facebook , Play Facilities
Duncan Hill
Judy Smith


14 Church Lane


Councillor Finance, Environment & Conservation, Cemetery

Police Liaison

Jayne Graham 49 The Village, Strensall Councillor