Strensall Cemetery (Burial Ground)

Sheriff Hutton Road, Strensall

Gravestones at Strensall Cemetery

Conditions Charges and Rules

This Cemetery (Burial Ground) was consecrated in 1995 and is non denominational.

Conditions and Rules have beenbased on those used for the Churchyard at St Mary’s Parish Church, Strensall and are designed to meet a balance of the wishes of the bereaved in a discreet place of rest and quiet contemplation.

Funeral processionThe responsibility and aim of the Burial Authority is to maintain a valuable heritage and perpetuate a record of our local community in a tasteful and acceptable manner and to be a sympathetic body attempting to blend flexibility and conformance to standards reflecting evolutionary changes in attitudes.

In deference to those who have loved ones interred here, all visitors are expected to be respectful in all circumstances of the tranquility sought by the Burial Authority.

This cemetery is administered by the Burial Authority which is Strensall with Towthorpe Parish Council.


Adults: Single Grave £240.00
Adjacent Grave £240.00
Reservation fee £240.00
Interment charge £145.00
Children: Up to 12 months £17.00
From 1 year to 12 years £140.00
Headstones Erection £95.00
Charge for inscription £30.00
Charge for inscribed vase £40.00

Cremated Remains

Adult: In existing grave or designated area with interment £160.00
Children: in designated area £75.00

Other fees

Administration fees: standard fee £27.50 per plot
Search fee Register of Burials £22.50 per person

Non Residents

All Burial or Cremation fees are treble those applicable to residents of the parish and at the discretion of the Burial Authority

Charges shown for interment and apply when the interment is carried out between 10.0am and 4.0pm Monday to Friday and 9.0am to 12 noon on a Saturday. If a Coroner or Registered Medical Practitioner advises that immediate interment is necessary then this will be carried out promptly at a time arranged with the Clerk to the Burial Authority.

Fees are reviewed annually

The fee charged is specifically a commuted sum for the perpetual maintenance of the grave together with the surrounding area and is NOT a right of ownership


The Cemetery is accessible daily from 8.30am to sunset

  1. Graves shall be dug only by appointees of the Burial authority
  2. Interments will normally take place between 10.00am and 4.00pm Monday – Friday
  3. Grave plots are single 7ftx 2ft (2.13 x 0.6 metres) 4ft 6ins (1.4 metres) deep and set in rows 2ft apart
  4. Each grave has a reference number in accordance with the cemetery plan held by the Clerk
  5. A register of all burials is kept and is accessible for searches upon application to the Clerk and payment of the appropriate fee
  6. The dedicated section for children is to the left of the entrance at the top. The exact location can be confirmed by the Burial Clerk


The Burial Authority is responsible for the maintenance of the cemetery and a record of our local community. Their aim is to do this in a tasteful and acceptable manner and therefore the following conditions apply:-

  1. other than a headstone or plaque with up to two flower receptacles, a maximum of two further ornaments will be accepted providing they sit within the perimeter of the plinth and are robust – no glass or pottery items which may break easily.
  2. a maximum of two soft toys are permitted on the graves of children up to the age of 11 years providing these are maintained in a good condition
  3. Other articles to commemorate birthdays or anniversaries are accepted but must be removed after one week
  4. Any commemoration is accepted during the period of six weeks from 1st December to 15th January but any articles remaining after that time will be collected and destroyed.
  5. the use of chippings is not permitted. No articles should be placed or planted in the grassed area down the grave such as plants, bulbs or flowers. The Burial Authority reserve the right to remove any unacceptable articles from the Cemetery and store in a safe place for collection
  6. cemetery/grave conditions will be regularly inspected and any leveling, turfing or reseeding necessary will be carried out by and at the discretion and expense of the Burial Authority.
  7. No vehicle or cycle is permitted into the Cemetery other than disability vehicles, manual wheelchairs and perambulators
  8. Animals are not permitted but assistance dogs are welcome
  9. All visitors are expected to be respectful of the tranquility sought by the Burial Authority
  10. Anyone caught creating damage or a disturbance, committing a nuisance, interfering with official activity taking place or any grave, headstone, plaque or memorial will be prosecuted
  11. No games or sport of any kind will be tolerated in the Cemetery
  12. Anyone found behaving in an unseemly manner will be removed from the Cemetery
  13. Headstones which are deemed unsafe and not meeting the requirements of the Health and Safety Standards Board will be laid over and the relatives of the deceased informed. The cost of resetting is the responsibility of the relatives
  14. The Burial Authority is not responsible for damage or injury caused to the public, to headstones, plaques, graves, receptacles, trees, plants and shrubs in the Cemetery
  15. The day to day administration of these rules is delegated to the Cemetery Committee consisting of the Clerk and two or three Councillors.
  16. Any eventuality not covered by the above rules will be settled by the Burial Authority
  17. Anyone found to be committing an offence under the Cemeteries Order 1977 or subsequent legislation will be prosecut

Application for Interment


  1. All applications must be made on the correct form available from the website or supplied to the Funeral Director by the Clerk to the Burial Authority
  2. Once completed the form should be signed by the Funeral Director and the deceased’s next of kin and sent to the Clerk to the Burial Authority at least 48 hours prior to the nominated interment
  3. All fees and charges should be paid to the Clerk at the time of the application
  4. An interment of a non-resident is at the discretion of the Burial Authority

Please download the application form here

Grave Memorial Permit


  1. Applications should be made to the Clerk on the appropriate form available from the website or from the Clerk
  2. A minimum of 6 months must elapse between the interment and the erection of a memorial headstone or plaque
  3. No work is to be put in hand before the approval of an application by the Burial Authority. No changes can be made to the approved application without further resubmission and approval by the Burial Authority.


Yorkshire stone, marble or granite – all or part polished
White marble is not recommended as easily discolours
Any other material will be viewed and decided individually

Dimensions: Adults
Maximum 2ft 6 in (75cm) high including base
Maximum 1ft 9 in (50 cm) wide
Maximum 3 in (7.5cm) thick

the headstone may incorporate up to two receptacles for flowers which should be flush with the top of the base and extend up to 6 in (15cm) in front of the headstone

Discreet engraving or etching reflecting lifestyle, interests or a likeness no larger than 8cm x 6cm

NO PHOTOGRAPHS OR COLOURED DESIGNS other than military insignia

to be set on concrete on a plinth no longer than 2 ft (60cm) 1ft (30 cm) wide and 2 in (5cm) thick

At the head but within the dimensions of the grave

Can be silver, gold, black or white

Must conform to the specification for headstones in respect of material, lettering and design. These must not exceed 1ft 6in (45cm) square. A receptacle for flowers may be incorporated when flush with the surfaces

Memorials for Children:

Plaques or headstone: for neo natal babies and infants up to the age of one year – maximum height of  18 inches and 12 inches wide For children over the age of 1 year maximum height of 24 inches and 15 inches wide  Consideration will be given to each application and no precedent set with any one permission



Please download the application for a memorial headstone or plaque